Questions & Answers

What is West Wanderers Football Club?


West Wanderers Football Club has a long tradition of excellence in Toowoomba Soccer. We are the largest club in Toowoomba. Whilst the emphasis at this level is on fun and developing the skills of soccer, there are many champions of the future in our ranks.


What equipment does my child need?


All players must wear soccer boots and shin guards for training and games. Players are advised to provide their own ball for training (Size 3 - Under 6 to Under 9, Size 4 - Under 10 to Under 13, Size 5 - Under 14/17). West Wanderers provides a set of strips for all teams, a match ball, and a team gear bag. Players will be provided with socks. Players will need to purchase shorts which can be purchased from the club.


What form of football will my child play?


From Under 6 to Under 11 children play a simple form of football called Mini Roos Football Games. Above this age group, children are progressively introduced to the game of football. Teams from Under 12 and above play competitively according to normal FIFA rules and are awarded points for winning. In 2018, Under 12 Football will remain on a half pitch size and requires modified rules.


When will training begin?


The Junior Muster is usually early in March subject to the commencement date of the local competition. On this day players are assigned to teams and will meet the coach. The teams may choose to train on any day that suits the team and when the grounds are available and to avoid overcrowding. Lighting is available for night training.


Who will coach my child?


The club assists coaches to acquire relevant coaching certificates. For the younger age groups, the modified form of football played is very simple. At these age levels, the club needs keen parents to coach and to manage the team. These duties can be shared.


What are Selection Trials?


For under 12 and upwards, where there is more than one team in that age group, players will need to trial. The club’s Coaching Coordinator, in consultation with the coaches in that age group, will determine the selection of players into the appropriate division based on either skill or a persons desire to participate at a certain level or with friends. This ensures that players in the respective teams are of a similar ability and can still enjoy the benefits of playing Football with friends old and new.


Where will my child play?


While every effort is made for your child to play at West Wanderers, on every second Saturday this will not always be the case. Your child can be expected to be playing on one of the fields at West Wanderers grounds for home games. On Saturdays when your team is not playing at West Wanderers, they will be playing at another club in the Toowoomba region. This may mean some travel to Pittsworth, Gatton, Laidley, Oakey, Withcott and Highfields. Car-pooling is a good idea in this situation. Depending on the number of teams in the draw for that age group/division, an odd number of teams means that 1 team will have a bye for the weekend matches. The bye rotates around the teams


At what times will my child play?


All fixture games are conducted on Saturdays. Generally, the younger ages play at earlier times (starting from 9am) and the older age groups play at varying times depending on their draw. Our senior teams play on Sundays. Times and dates of games can be found on the Toowoomba Football League website.


What if it is raining?


Advice on whether play will occur is broadcast on 4GR (frequency 864 A.M.) from 7am Saturday morning and is posted on the Toowoomba Football League website and facebook page. If in doubt call your coach/manager. If it is wet on a training day, then you need to contact your coach/manager. Decisions on whether play will occur are made by the Toowoomba City Council, who has control over the grounds.


What are the fees for the season?


The Junior fees will vary from year to year and this year have been set at $195 for Under 6 to Under 10 and $225 for Under 11 and above. Fee's are required to be paid in full at sign on unless prior arrangements are made with the registrar. Discounted fees may apply on application to families with three or more players playing at West Wanderers. Players will not be permitted to play until all fees are paid. This is to ensure your child is a financial member of the club and thus covered by insurance.


When does the season begin and end?


Toowoomba Football League determines when the season will start. The season normally commences in April and concludes in September.


Will my child get a game each week?


It is club policy for all children who play Under 6 to Under 11 have equal time on the field. If you have any concerns, talk to your coach/manager about this. It is also club policy to have teams in each age group that are of equal ability, that is not ‘stacking’ a team.


What facilities does the club offer?


On fixture days the club will provide a canteen with a range of items for purchase, such as hot food, chips, sweets and hot and cold drinks. The club has a restricted liquor licence for the convenience of members. A NO SMOKING POLICY is enforced in the clubhouse and surrounds. Toilets, showers and change rooms are provided. First aid kits are available in the clubhouse. The fields are also available for hire.


How can I help out my child's team?


You can help in a number of ways:


  • Become a Coach - (the club will provide assistance).
  • Be a Manager - every team and especially the coach need a manager.
  • Help with Refereeing - No official referees are provided for the Small Sided Games. The rules are simple and your coach will be grateful if you could referee half a match now and then. Please refer to the Small Sided Games page on the website for the rules.
  • Help with the gear - Most teams have a washing roster for the strips and some Parents arrange to provide oranges and water for the players at 1/2 time. Please note that team strips are only to be worn during club games or carnivals.
  • Help with transport - It is a good idea to car-pool when travelling to away games.
  • Help with the team - Help set up and take down goalposts and nets if your team is either the first or last to use the field. For non-moveable goalposts, parents will be expected to help with the goal nets and corner flags.
  • Help with the players - Be positive and model good sporting behaviour towards your own team and the other team.
  • Parents will be expected to help run the canteen on a rostered basis – a member of the committee will be available to assist on the day.
  • Parents of the team playing first at home games will be required to put the nets up, Parents of the team playing last at home games will be required to take the nets down.
  • Is there a Season Break-up?


The club will hold the end of season Break-up on a weekend in September. The presentation of trophies and awards will occur in conjunction with a sausage sizzle.


What about Carnivals?


Many clubs in the South East corner hold carnivals on Sundays for various age groups. Attendance at carnivals is voluntary and subject to a majority decision by the coach/manager and parents. The club advises coaches/managers of the dates of upcoming carnivals, and then it is up to the coach/manager to nominate their individual team. West Wanderers will pay for the team’s nomination to carnivals.


How can I assist the club?


CANTEEN – every home game we run the canteen with hot and cold food and drinks. We have a roster system for each team, usually this means an hour for each team on their rostered day – 3 to 4 parents for only 1 hour are required. Without volunteers in the canteen we cannot give our members the service they deserve.


FUNDRAISING – In addition to the revenue from the canteen, the club will conduct a number of raffles during the season to raise additional revenue.


MEETINGS – Wanderers Executive and Committee meet every month. Any new ideas or how the club can do things differently are taken into consideration and voted upon. One parent representative from each team will be expected to attend. Light refreshments will be made available free of charge to those attending the meeting. All parents/coaches/managers are always welcome at these meetings.


WORKING BEES - These will be organised on an ‘as needs’ basis only.


TRADESPEOPLE – If you can assist the club in any way for any minor repairs to the clubhouse it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact any of the executive or committee members to offer your services.


Where do I get West Wanderers merchandise?


Impress your friends by wearing a West Wanderers hat, shirt and jacket. All merchandise will be available from the canteen in the clubhouse.


How is Wanderers Club run?


An Executive Committee consisting of a President, Junior and Senior Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, Junior and Senior Registrars and committee members meets once a month at the clubhouse 6 PM. An Annual General Meeting is held in September to elect the committee for the following year. Current office bearers are listed on website. The Postal Address is PO Box 7183, Toowoomba M/C, Q. 4352. The clubhouse phone number is 46361444.


What can I do if I have more questions?


If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Committee.